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Portraits was the third collaboration between DJP and legendary motor racing photographer, Jesse Alexander and publisher, David Bull Publishing. Jesse lived and worked in Europe during racing's postwar golden era, 1950-1970. The casual atmosphere of those pre-sponsorship years allowed him tremendous access and earned him the respect and friendship of many drivers, team managers and mechanics of the day. While well known for capturing elusive action images and having a knack for being in the right place at the right time, he is less well know for his informal portraiture shot at the same events. This book celebrates that body of work.

Like Jesse Alexander's career as a motorsports photographer, Portraits has an unusually broad range—a book whose subjects are worth recalling from time to time by grabbing it off the shelf and flipping through the paper-and-ink reproduction on its pages. —The New York Times


The large-format, 100-page hardback showcases these artworks in a lavish way that suggests the publisher’s feel for the importance of the material has overridden commercial considerations.  And that’s rare nowadays. —Classic & Sports Car


There’s a nicely old-fashioned feel to this large-format picture book, with its matte art-paper and serif caption font . . . Technically and artistically, these are superb, moving pictures. —Octane

As the title suggests, this is a book of portraits, some posed, some candid, of the most important racers of the ’60s and ’70s. There’s Innes Ireland cracking his wonderfully raffish smile; a wasted Jimmy Clark just after winning at Spa; and a recently retired, grinning Dan Gurney with wife Evi, happy to have survived a lifetime of racing during which, he once explained to us, he’d lain awake in bed one night, counting the number of colleagues who’d perished in racing cars until he had to stop at 28. They’re all here, all the faces, all revealed as, above all, human. —Car and Driver


The fourth book collaboration with Jesse Alexander, Inside the Archives was the result of combing through long overlooked slide boxes, print folios and negative sleeves in search of images never before published. Hundreds of remarkable photographs from Jesse’s career were unearthed and celebrated in this book. A limited Publisher’s Edition was also designed with 32 pages of additional images plus a signed print and slipcase.

Jesse Alexander's black-and-white photos of Grand Prix and sports-car racing in Europe in the 1950's and early 1960's have become our collective memory of the era. This beautifully presented collection of his work, as the title suggests, digs a bit deeper into his rich files. —Autoweek


The quality of reproduction, from clearly superb prints taken on top-notch equipment, is outstanding. Take the colour photograph on page 51, for example. It shows the factory Aston Martin DBR2 at the ‘Ring in 1958, yet could easily be from a recent historic meeting. —Classic


The 96 large-format pages are heavy with the romance of the great sports car races of the Fifties, showing a world that health and safety officials and the guardians of corporate images have done much to suppress.
—Classic Cars

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