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Fraser Papers



Working with Fraser Papers—a Toronto based manufacturer of fine text and cover papers—over a six-year period, DJP produced an extensive program of promotion pieces targeted to the graphic design and printing markets. Some pieces were designed to introduce new paper colors and finishes while other pieces demonstrated techniques for achieving distinctive results and still others were created to promote specific products such as envelopes. The mandate throughout the program was to rebuild the Fraser brand and elevate the company’s image in the marketplace.


Fraser created the Design Inspiration Awards to recognize great work produced on their printing papers. The annual show traveled throughout North America featuring the winning entries in a catalog—that doubled as a printed promotion piece—and exhibit. Specialty display panels were designed and fabricated to survive a season of shows and be simple to setup onsite, pack and ship on to the next city.


The “muse of inspiration” logo was developed as a distinct brand image for the awards program. Used extensively, it tied together the varied pieces from entry forms and catalogs to award certificates and show banners.


Working closely with Fraser Papers, DJP designed an extensive system of 14 swatch books with emphasis placed on individual brand names and characteristics while developing an overall Fraser brand look. The (industry) distinctive square waterfall of colors became a powerful branding tool that bound all Fraser marketing communications going forward.


DJP created the Take a New Look campaign to relaunch Fraser Papers as a premium brand by featuring their paper used in unlikely applications. Each photograph in the series was meticulously staged to create an alluring and memorable image exclusive to the company. Unique ads were also developed for the corporate entity in trade specific publications and to promote specific products such as their envelope program.

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